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The Free Spirit

I was chatting with my friend just now on bbm and she sent me a message.{*laughing emoticon*gunshots ooh, jakpa rd, mtshhheeeww, I don come again} and I replied back lol.

Then all of a sudden,I reasoned the fact that it is actually a serious issue of lives and properties,robbers and guns,and we are laughing and chatting so freely about it. That’s when it dawned on me,its the Warri spirit,the free and jovial spirit of all wafarians and I smiled and thought its actually a good thing.

Life is a lot more easier if you have a free spirit,you are able to overcome difficulties and dissapointments,you make the best of your situations.So my dear readers,let’s all try to have a free spirit and we would would have a happy life.

Smiling,dats my favourite emoticion on bbm&my charming physical asset.

Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.


Introduction to Blogsphere

Hey peeps!

I’ ve been a keen reader of different blogs and after long deliberation,I decided to try out my writing skills(lol).

I am a full Warri girl,an Urhobo by tribe,born and bred in Warri City.To crown it up,I attended Delta State University,Abraka.Most of you who are conversant with Warri and its environs,would know that the distance between Abraka and Warri is about 30mins,so schooling in Abraka is almost like staying in Warri (typical Abraka Chics know what am talking about *winks*).

Ok,back to myself. Am an outspoken,fun loving and jovial person. Most people say am hyperactive,dunno how true that is. I am :
22years old,
Chocolate in complexion,
Single ………. and searching(but not yet a Desperado,lol),in general a lovely person.

Welcome to my blog ,I’ll be writing about everything and anything, about me,my experiences as a Warri girl, music, sex, movies, entertainment, etc. I promise you an exciting time each time you visit my blog.

Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.