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Beautiful Sexy Upgrade

August 24, 2012

Dear Readers,
I, Warri Girl wishes to inform my readers and the general public that there has been an upgrade in this blog.
The upgrade is as follows, this blog has acquired a domain name and would no longer be attached to the above address.

Oya, formality over. Let me explain, I know most people are wondering right now what I mean by “domain name”. E mean say I don get my own

Warri Girl’s blog is now and no longer

This is realy beautiful, can you imagine me, small shenkele rat now a website owner. Me self, I shock, I can’t believe.

Me-vwe(me in Urhobo), now the Omote-Okpako(first daughter) of Warri. Yes ooo, am the first daughter of Warri, just go to goggle and type “warrigirl” and am sure to appear first. *dancing azonto*

Sexy ain’t it. Now, when I go on a date, I would blink my lashes at the guy and say am a blogger, check me out at instead of long, which the guy go forget immediately. Woah! owing my own site is really a big turn on, if I bang now, na die the guy dey.hahahaha

Readers, without you, there would have been no website, so I encourage you to enjoy my last post on wordpress and take a ride with me to

You would definitely notice the upgrade when you get there. Now, the referee don blow, the match don start. More intersting post coming your way from me.

I dey expect all of una der, today and tomorrow for all my daily post.

Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.

*singing*, Baba God, I believe you, I believe everything when you say, as you talk am ooo, you go do am ooo, Baba God iyeeeee, I believe you.


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  1. jessy permalink

    Yaaaaahhhhhhh *AZONTO*

  2. Osi permalink

    This is really a sexy upgrade. Am turned on. *wink*

  3. I read the “Google gift” post about your gee and this one just seems funny.

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