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Full Confidence

August 23, 2012

I happen not to be a great fan of Nollywood movies. During the past two days I have watched two different movies starring Mercy Johnson. The first, Dumebi the Dirty Girl, and the second, Thanks for Coming. Nollywood and their funny names.

Watching these movies, I imagined God’s mood when he created Mercy J, he must have been in His Highest. She has the most perfect natural body I have ever seen. Yes I say natural because she is a perfect comparison to Nicky Minaj, who we all know is all fake and plastic.

Those of you thinking, Lesbian mood in activation, pause that thought. Am only admiring God’s creation.

While watching the movies, I thought to myself, if only I had slimmer sides, bigger ass, and smaller waist maybe I would have been extremely-extremely hot and sexy, but my face for worwor DIE.

You see, everyone of us are special in our own different ways. Mercy J seems to have an extraordinary body with a face not so pretty.

Me, I happen to be chubby right from birth and am very confident about it because I have some really good features. I am ENDOWED, I Balance wella. If someone says “You dey fat ooo”, I reply “Na evidence of good living”. End of discussion .

I have full confidence in myself, I never forget the fact that am unique, because readers once you lose your confidence you lose yourself.

Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.


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  1. jaffy permalink

    Nice one again

  2. jessy permalink

    This’s perfect! Luv it, cos I wnt change for anythg in the world. Every person should luv themselves the way dey re….there’s nothg like stepping into a place or gathering oozing confidence *priceless*

  3. bblocks permalink

    Thumbs up. Every one is unique in his/her own diff way. Find ur strengths and maximise dem.

  4. Danie Brown Sugar permalink

    I’m thrilled*** dis 1 got me* nobody can eva b me, i’m unique in ma own way. Take it or take it, lol. Tnx

  5. Danie Brown Sugar permalink

    *Dancing Etighi* i’m excited

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