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Proverb Award 2012

August 22, 2012

The Proverb Award 2012 was held last night in my room, with paper, biro and me Warri Girl as the Chief Judge. Here is a summary of the event.

1st runner up:
This proverb was the runner up after much deliberation. It relates to all does Smallies when all off a sudden, they just start forming big and being disrespectful.

Typical example is a young girl that just started having sex, omo nobody reach her again o, she have tasted the forbidden fruit. You would notice that a young girl that use to greet an older girl “Good morning” before, would see the older girl, flip her hair back and walk pass. Yes na, una don become mates, you are doing the same thing so you are equals.

Its the guys I pity pass, a girl that used to say “Bros good morning” all of a sudden she would see this Bros and say hi, hello, or wats up. Hahahahahahah

I know what am saying, when my youngest sister starts having sex, I would definitely know because to send her to get me water, she go roll eyes,lol. I did it to my elder sister,my immediate younger sister did it to me, and our last born would do it to her as well.

But when strong thing jam all this Smallies for front, that’s when they would know indeed that “Okro nor dey big pass e owner, no matter how big,it must be plucked”. Because whatever you are experiencing in life someone has already experienced it before you. There is always someone a step ahead of you and one day you must definitely bend and ask for advise or help.

And the,
Winner of the Proverb Award,
This is for all the Wannabes, trying to form gbogbo bis gal by force. Your mama dey fry akara for Enehren junction, you dey use bold 20, brazillian 100inches, dey scatter anyhow for bbm – Sheraton Chilling, Dubai Tinz. You be big butterfly because you dey fly, you feel say your wings strong reach bird.

Even if you doing waka and paroles, am not judging you oooo (before R_nz Girls Assocation come and arrest me, you know 9ja Police can arrest for anything, even the loss of toothpick).

All am saying, is that, if you are doing waka, let it show at home. Move that woman from the one room face me-I face you apartment that you are all living in and take her away from that fire. Because no matter what CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.And this is still the greatest proverb of all time,it has won uncountable awards, that’s why I didn’t put it among the nominess because, its a Legend *smiling*.

Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.


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  1. Danie Brown Sugar permalink

    Very true o; family coms 1st. Wish everybody cud understand dis. Nice 1

  2. Tare permalink

    You’re increasing the bar with every post. I’m loving this. Thumbs up girl.

  3. bblocks permalink

    Omg! I jst love ds. True talk ooo. God is watching all d butterflies dt tink they r birds on 3D wt coke and popcorn in His hands.lolz.

  4. soak permalink

    Beautifully written. I find every piece of this very true. No words mincing…tho its hilarious but it passes a message…our beautiful sisters are really losing it these days. I’d stop there. Nice piece. Keep it up.

  5. jessy permalink

    Lwkmd oh hhahahahaahahahahahahahahh so funi!!!

  6. True words!!!

  7. I won’t lie to you,I came here expecting to see something normal,like,’wetin dis one wan write again’? Now I’m hooked on ur blog,thumbs up,ur head is really on ur shoulder,daniella u rock

  8. Ijek permalink

    true talk ….. how person go dey live big life and mama wey born am dey roast…. people get mind.
    thumbs up. i’m loving it

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