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Date Gone Bad, But GRACE Prevailed

August 21, 2012

Yawning…….., am up and thanks be to God I woke up hale and hearty with swollen eyes and stale alcohol breath.

Yesterday, I was off to see a friend on a bike.How many of you know the cool feeling on top a bike on the express road? I love the feeling, makes me feel like Rose in titanic when she stood at the edge of the ship, the wind tossing her hair with Jack supporting her at the back -only that in my case its the iron at the back of the bike that’s supporting me,lol.

The bike man was blowing at an average speed, me I was enjoying the natural AC, all of a sudden I noticed the breeze was reducing, that’s when I raised my eyes from my phone and saw that there was a large crowd gathered just before Otokutu juntion.

Trust warri na, Aproko kill us, before I could say Jack, the bike man stopped and parked. We came down and I asked “wetin happen” and someone said “na accident ooo”. I looked around, I didn’t see any car that looked like what was involved in an accident, been curious I asked ” but bros wait o, where the moto” and the guy replied, “naim dey for buttom for der”. That’s when I looked down at the edge of the road and I was shooked by what I saw, the car had jumped off the road down a slope at the edge of the road and was upside down, compressed and covered by thick bushes.

I continued my aproko and started asking various bike men questions. Note: Bike men in warri are a good source of gist.

One of the bike men told me that it was a guy and a girl going out on a date, in the car and he pointed to the girl and the guy.

Omo, when I saw the girl I knew that this was a date gone bad, she wore an orange short, a multicoloured half top, green waist belt, and yellow flats(nor be small colour blocking). She fixed a very long weavon that flowed way down and stopped under her ass, and I was like nor b small somthing ooo, this chick must have really prepared for this date and now see how everything turned out.

How they got out of that car,me I don’t know. But to God be the Glory they weren’t injured and I just tried to imagine how bad this date could be.

First of all, almost 30 bike men don touch the girl body finish with ” dooh, eyah, kpele, thank God ooo” and she wasn’t fully covered. Then the guy just sitting at the side of the road just seeing his honda compressed and ruined, his millions down the drain, but what if it wasn’t his own car self, maybe he burrowed it, that one na big trouble.

All this I was just reasoning when I got back on my bike, and I was like, chai! this is a date gone really bad but at least they are alive. That’s Grace, He came and He saved.

And thank God say the girl face nor disfigure, she for hate her self, because for worwor boy to get Girlfriend nor hard but for worwor girl, hmmmmm………I rest my case.

Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.


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  1. Tare permalink

    Wow Incisive. Big up girl. More of it. Am a fan of ur blog now.

  2. jessy permalink

    Very compelling story….thank God no one was hurt oh, kai….would ve been disastrous! As in eh!

  3. ali mohammed permalink

    Na So worwor girl no go fit get boifrnd oooo

  4. Danie Brown Sugar permalink

    i tink i saw d accident yesterday, bt didnt stop to check cos i was in a bus(uduaghan) regreted y i didnt tk a bike* lol. re u not sure d girl was giving d guy a head??? dem get luck sha* lolz* u jst got me hooked on dis blog

  5. Hahhahaha makn sense tngz!!!!!!

  6. jessy permalink

    Lmao hehehehehehehehehehe SoO funi….!

  7. #smiles,my daughter’s all grown up,more ink to ur pen

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