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Take Banana

August 20, 2012

” Take banana till you go yoooo, take banana till you go yoooo”.
Song Title: Take Banana
Artiste: D’Prince

Dear readers, majority of you already know what the song implies, but for thoes Bro. Peters and Sis. Marthas forming they don’t know, I would explain.

To me oooo, Warri Girl, it means B to the J (oya add up BJ). Stop squeezing your face like you don’t know what am talking about, no need for the holy act, its just you and your screen.

Back to the song, all my ladies, I know you must have had some bananas ; maybe a finger, some fingers, or a bunch. Am not judging*winks*.

I believe the guys DIE, they are ever ready to offer the banana. The offering varies among them, some offer the BIG AGRIC banana, some the SMALL TINY english specie, and other MIXED breed (this the safe zone, not too big or too small). Anyone ooo, so far banana is offered, lol.

Omo D’Prince must be endowed ooo, just see some words from the verse 2 of the song, ” she whispered to me say-say wetin I ge-ge-ge-get , I pulled her closer cause I know wetin I get”.

Hahahahaha, am just a normal girl, saying the truth, we all love the banana, whether we the ones giving or receiving.

Am still laughing, the public holiday is making me feel like today is a saturday, because nobody is rushing anywhere. On a normal monday I would be doing the job that most nigerian unemployed graduates do, visiting job sites.

Come to think of it, I wonder *thinking* what some people are doing indoors right now, maybe taking bananas and having some pump actions.


Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.


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  1. jaffy permalink

    omg,hahahahahaha,i don laugh craz,what da hell,this is so funny,hehehehehehe

  2. Osi permalink

    That’s a nice one. Hehehe

  3. Hope ur not taking banana, this morning oh

  4. kaine permalink

    For we side women prefer plantain!!

  5. Nor be all girls like to take bananas oh,it makes me wonder oh

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