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Guys Against Underwears

August 19, 2012

So you all heard Kim gave Kanye a LAMBORGHINI,yeah I know what you thinking -old gist.

Am not about to blog on Kimye, but about the Nigerian guys who sent the Broadcast of “Girls we are no longer accepting boxers, briefs and singlets as gifts “. Just because Kim gave Kanye a car.

Hey Mr X, you trying to compare your girlfriend with Kim Kardashian of all people, before you do that, why don’t you compare yourself with Kanye. He takes her to different awards shows , travel trips and all those gbogboyen-gbogboyen (good things).

Why do u expect something out of the ordinary? When you always carry your girl to WINNAS, CORNER-LORDS , CHI-CHI’s BAR, MISHAI, YABASIRA etc. Am not saying local tripz aren’t fun,but once in a while,give your girl a special treat.

Take her places such as Unites States, The Carribeans, Paris, London, Dubia, even Calabar self. But don’t do this every month o, except maybe you are Dangote, lol.

Just do this, and am telling you would definately get more than UNDIES. You might even get the Lamborghini self,lol (but if your girlfriend is presently unemployed like me) you would get a realy expensive gift but realise at the end you the one settling the bill. Hahahahahahaha

Don’t mind me ooo, am just having fun and sharing my views. I believe that the monetary value behind a gift is irrelevant, the feelings and emotions are what’s important. Gifts symbolizes and expresses love, care and affection.

N.B: Most of you guys know that without your girlfriends, you would probably have been using two boxers for a whole year. Lwkmd

Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.


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  1. jaffy permalink

    lol,funny tingy

  2. Tare permalink

    So funny. I look forward to the day a warri girl will buy a car as a gift 4 a guy. Wafi girls are so self contious. Lol.

  3. soak permalink

    Ok. Naw that’s crazy…I luv dis piece but I object to sumtins said.

  4. jessy permalink

    I totally support the trips abroad ℓ☺ℓ yaaaahhhhh & guys shud always appreciate d boxers jór its a timeless gift #straightface

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA….@ “Most of you guys know that without your girlfriends, you would probably have been using two boxers for a whole year.”

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